Aiace Rusciano is fundamental for the top level results” 



Bostjan Cesar


Professional footballer in Serie A. He is the Slovenian footballer with the most appearances (101) of all time for the national team and represented her at the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

The Lab is simply effective. It helped me a lot before training to wake up and activate the muscles. Post workout as recovery and mental relaxation. I advise!”


Nenad Tomovic

Footballer of serious A. He played in the Red Star, Ac Genoa, Ac Fiorentina, Ac Chievo Verona, Spal, with more than 331 appearances in Serie A.



Working with the Rusciano Neuroplus method helped me to download and recover. It was never a serious moment but it was motivating and fun


Emanuel Vignato

Born in 2000. Italian footballer, Bologna midfielder, raised in the Ac ChievoVerona nursery and member of the Italian Under-20 national team



 “My experience with prof. Aiace Rusciano was very positive. We were in LAb, during the week at the end of training for the recovery path. At the end of each session of the Lab I felt I had recovered both at a muscular and mental level. In practice, all the work done during training was assimilated thanks to the Lab. The tests to monitor mental reactivity allowed me to monitor the degree of improvement in my focus. I learned to control emotions, manage anxiety, let go and control stress a lot. Technology has helped me tremendously in muscle and psychological recovery. An important and essential experience for a professional athlete


Emanuele Giaccherini

Serie A midfielder. He played in Juventus, Napoli, Bologna, Chievo. With 29 appearances and 4 goals in the Italian national team he finished second in the European championship in 2012 and third in the Confederations Cup 2013



The work done in LAb with Prof. Aiace Rusciano was fundamental. Training exercises with the Rusciano Neuroplus method are essential for a high level athlete: I have increased performance both on the football field and in life. In football, I have increased my recovery capacity. Thanks to the exercises done in LAb in 15 minutes I was able to recover 100% on a psycho-physical level and to dispose of stress, which is fundamental in my work”. 


Luca Rigoni

Midfielder with 450 professional matches, more than 300 in Serie A. He played for AC ChievoVerona, Genoa, Palermo and is now captain of Vicenza.



A great job that done with continuity and determination leads to great results. I have improved from the point of view of coordination, reactivity, the ability to always stay on track. Recovery with the Rusciano Neuroplus protocol, stimulation of the nervous system with technologies, allowed me to optimize physical and mental recovery”.


Jacopo Segre

Serie A footballer, Turin midfielder, who grew up in the youth academy of Ac Milan.



I can say that the work in the Lab with prof Aiace Rusciano was very useful to me for the prevention of accidents. It also served me a lot as mental preparation and activation before matches”.


Lucas Castro

Footballer with more than 220 appearances in Serie A, Argentine, midfielder of Catania, SPAL, Cagliari and Chievo. At home he was nicknamed “El Pata




I really liked the experience gained through working with Prof. Aiace Rusciano. I always carry it in my heart. As a professional sportswoman I have also worked with other psychologists and mental coaches, but what I have done with Aiace Rusciano is very different. No one has ever made me do things like they did with him. It's another thing. It stands out. He has the techniques of him. First you have to be a great woman or a great man in the 24 hours off the court and then you have to be a great athlete. Although years have passed, I always remember him with affection and pleasure”.


Maria Vittoria Viviani

Professional tennis player, 65th in the ITF Under 18 world ranking

The experience with Prof. Aiace Rusciano was positive. The exercises in the Lab with the Neuroplus sensors focused on enhancing the role of the goalkeeper are essential for the management of the mental aspects and the role of the player, but also on a personal level. I felt an important increase and a path with Neuroplus that has increased my performance and allowed me to remain at high levels of efficiency in the world of professional sport.”


Francesco Bardi

Goalkeeper of Frosinone. He holds the record of appearances in the Under-21 national team: 37 appearances on a par with Andrea Pirlo



“Le mie capacità sono state scoperte grazie al dott. Aiace Rusciano. 

Dopo 4 presenze nel Chievo, a gennaio avrei dovuto andarmene.  Avevo un carattere “particolare” e a volte ” altalenante”. Ad esempio, con Il mister Pioli che è un grandissimo allenatore, inizialmente ho avuto dei contrasti. Col tempo però, anche per merito di Aiace Rusciano, ho riconosciuto le mie aree di miglioramento

Quando hai un momento in cui hai un problema, familiare, fisico o mentale, è li che ti rialzi. Proprio lì ci siamo incontrati e, nonostante molti contrasti, è riuscito a farmi esprimere il 100% delle mie potenzialità: la mia capacità mentale prevaleva sulle mie emozioni, avevo il pieno controllo”.



Nicolas Frey

Historic defender of Ac ChievoVerona, with more than 200 appearances in Serie A.



From the experience with Prof. Aiace Rusciano and the Neuroplus method, I come out more aware of what I can do. I already knew that the mind plays an important role in both sports performance and everyday life, but here the extra step I feel I have taken is to have gained more control over my mind, emotions and my body. It is not easy to understand for someone outside this world but now when I do the kata I feel them more mine and I feel the movement that starts from within. Movement is no longer the goal of my sporting performance, but the means to express myself, to express who I am as an athlete and as a person. Something has changed inside of me and I feel stronger than before.” 


Eleonora Coletto

National Karate Athlete, Karate World Champion (2014, Brazil; 2017 Italy)



I met Aiace Rusciano in 2014, at the Milan Lab where, together with other partners, we worked on a project related to the analysis of the behavior of professional athletes to derive forecasts of availability and performance of the same.

At the same time I was struck and intrigued by the scope of applicability of his neurological studies, his professionalism and dedication, the ability to range on the topic having a clear focus and, at the same time, a holistic vision of the athlete, not to mention of the enthusiasm with which he carried out the in-depth analysis and its applications. A few years later, when he had further deepened his studies and fields, we began to collaborate in an even more structured way, using information technologies to support the methodologies that also gave rise to partnerships with Oracle, Reply Consulting and the University of Verona. . It was exciting to work alongside Ajax in bringing his methodology to the athletes of the major soccer league. During our collaboration I had the pleasure and honor of having him as a guest during conferences on the theme of the application of big data to professional sports fields where, by examining data deriving from injuries, training history and periodic surveys, his method was able to highlight important forecasts on the availability of the athletes themselves, the moods, the expected performances



Stefano Maio

Oracle Italia Analytics & Big Data Director



The Lab and the mental work with Prof. Aiace Rusciano who follows me from the beginning was very useful for the planning and management of emotions. Through specific tests with sensors we calculated my mental performance under stress and my ability to recover in difficult moments. In fencing this work is essential because it is precisely those fractions of a second that decide victory or non-victory. The preparation with Neuroplus sensors of the. Prof Aiace Rusciano. He helped me win the European Championship and I still follow it to be more prepared and present in the progress of the race


Filippo Macchi

Floretist, member of the Italian national team



The first thing was given to me by the relationship with Prof. Ajax Rusciano. An expert with whom I was able to "dissect" what I lived in the game and off the pitch, whether it was a negative or positive moment of the season. And this is effective. In addition to solving problems, the Rusciano Neuroplus mental preparation exercises do very well on a mental and physical level. The exercises done in the Lab stimulate you to do more and more, to keep the level high and to perceive a better psychophysical integration and vision and attention. These are all things that then added together allow you to perform from 70 to 80-90-100 percent. "


Federico Barba

Defender of Serie A footballer, with more than 70 appearances in Serie A. He played in Empoli, Chievo, Benevento



"The Lab with Aiace Rusciano is a place in the Club that helped me to switch off with exercises in which I trained the attention focus as well as sessions to accelerate recovery and relaxation with various technologies that helped me to center my focus, even in moments very difficult and particular season "


Luca Rossettini

Italian Serie A defender of Ac ChievoVerona, Ac Bologna, Ac Siena with more than 300 appearances in Serie A



We started to analyze the data with the mindroom according to two guidelines by comparing the data of different individuals with each other but then try to analyze the difference between respondents under stress. Interesting experience working with prof. Ajax Rusciano. Technology and further sophistication are possible by studying from a statistical point of view not anomalies but the normality of an individual "


Stefano Maggioni

Manager, Business Solutions Leader - Analytics at SAS



I met Aiace Rusciano in Padua in early 2008, when he turned to me for the preparation of the master's thesis in Neuroscience and Cognitive Rehabilitation. In this period I was able to appreciate his excellent preparation in the field of neuropsychology and neurophysiology. Rusciano, then, until then, added an aspect of originality to this knowledge, trying to apply it to sports. After earning a Master's Degree at the then Faculty of Psychology of the University of Padua, I unreservedly supported your application for admission to the Doctoral School in Cognitive Neuroscience and Experimental Psychology of the University of Trieste. Rusciano worked with enthusiasm and profit and obtained the title of PhD in 2013. Since then Rusciano's interest in transferring the knowledge acquired during his university years to the field of professional sports has been further clarified and has given excellent fruits. He mainly dealt with football, giving his active and much appreciated contribution to the activity of two top-level teams, A.C. Chievo-Verona and A.C. Milan. His activity, however, was not limited to the application of the knowledge acquired over the years of study, but also led to an original research contribution, as documented by a recent publication in a prestigious international journal ".


Prof. Carlo Arrigo Humility

Neuroscientist, author of important scientific discoveries. Professor of the University of Padua and fundamental guide in the development of scientific psychology in our country




In my many years of experience in 2017-2018 I was lucky enough to work with prof. Ajax Rusciano. We developed a very interesting project with Lab that covered that void I have always found in the world of football: the management and enhancement of well-being through the stimulation of the autonomic nervous system with empowerment effects on motor and cognitive aspects ".


Giambi Venturati

Athletic trainer of Serie A (Verona, Venice, Parma, Rome, Fiorentina, Galatasaray and Bari), of the Italian national team up to the Brazil world championship in 2014. he He was part of the staff of Cesare Prandelli.