Aiace Rusciano

Neuroscientist of high sports performance


Head of Sport Science Lab in Professional Football

Serie A Football Club and Professional Sport

He designed and founded the Mind Room 2.0 of Ac Milan-MilanLab. Since 2009 he has been psychologist of the first team of AC Chievo Verona and is responsible for the Lab of the Medical Staff of the AC ChievoVerona Club.

Sports psychologist

He follows national and international athletes in MotoGP, cycling, tennis, basketball, golf, fencing, biathlon, martial arts, athletics and other disciplines.

Neuropower Enhancement Services

He is Head of the Neuro Lab-Service of Neuropotentiation and Methodical Health Psychology Rusciano Neuroplus® in Verona (at the Atlante center) and in Venice (at the private practice of Dr. Rusciano).

Psychological paths

He creates psychological paths with the Rusciano Neuroplus® method, Biofeedback and Neurofeedback equipment, tdcs and psychological analysis of personal constructs.

Creator of the Rusciano Neuroplus® method

By integrating the skills of high-performance neuroscience, artificial intelligence, machine learning and experience with top athletes, he has created the Rusciano Neuroplus® Method, the first non-pharmacological and non-invasive neuropotentiation method scientifically validated by the CNR.




Business consultant for evaluation
and the development of potential

Has? carried out training interventions? with neurotechnology, People analytics and Rusciano Neuroplus® neuropowering method with the middle and top management of multinationals, banks and entities such as Adidas, Audi, Gatorade, Nutrilite, Sec Servizi, Banca di Vicenza, Confindustria, Ac Milan management .

Objectives: assessment of potential, talent mapping, resource management and increase in psychological health, increase in performance? of managers, creative teams and other corporate departments.

Teacher e
science communicator:


Professional athlete